Hello Spanish Students Say...

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andrew braun spanish student learn
Andrew Braun Design & Development Engineer - Milwaukee, WI

"José has provided me with the best language learning experience I've ever had.  

He has a significant advantage over other personal instructors given that he is fully immersed in an English-speaking culture, which is demonstrated in his methods of approaching each topic.  

In the several classes I've had with José, he's been well-prepared, adaptive, and genuine.

I consider myself lucky to have found an instructor of such quality and I look forward to classes to come! I always leave feeling confident that I'm making progress."

damion spanish learn best teacher tutor
Damion Sanchez New York, NY - Anesthetist

"I feel like I have been studying Spanish at some pace or another all of my life.  After working with Jose for almost a year I really feel like my Spanish has improved by leaps and bounds.  

His teaching style and pace of instruction are completely individualized to fit your level and your needs. Jose is excellent in his class preparation.  

He is very adept at teaching on-line and has outstanding resources that include videos, worksheets, audio exercises, podcasts, and articles.  He is always ready to discuss current events and make the language pertinent to your life today.  His ability to keep track of my improvements and my errors is amazing.  

His lessons are always organized, thoughtful, well prepared, and an excellent use of my time.

I truly feel like he is present and invested during our sessions together.  Jose is a gifted teacher and will help your language skills improve tremendously."

ligia learn spanish best tutor teacher
Ligia Cavallini Brazil - PHP Developer

"José's lessons are, above all, efficient.

I am a Portuguese native speaker who wants to learn Spanish. Even with a very similar mother tongue, I’ve always felt stuck when trying to speak in Spanish.

José is helping me to overcome my problems with this new language, teaching me a lot of vocabulary and making it possible for me to communicate in Spanish.

In the past two months, I have learned a lot."

aaron learn spanish best tutor teacher
Aaron Bailey Denver, CO - Business Owner and Entrepreneur

"I love to travel and always felt disrespectful speaking English whenever visiting a Spanish-speaking country.

The past year of my lessons with José Miguel has given me the basic knowledge of the Spanish language, the ability to understand a good portion of conversations with locals and the confidence to attempt to speak back.

I have a far way to go to become conversational, but I know I'm on the right path with José Miguel."

miriam learn spanish best tutor teacher
Miriam Rafteri Dublin, Ireland - Psychology Assistant

"My classes with Jose were really useful mainly because they were so tailored to my needs.  I had some particular problems with grammar and I feel that I improved a lot because of my classes with Jose.  He gave me very specific resources that really helped me!

His lessons are also very interesting. Jose is really good at finding articles to use in class so that you don't just talk about things from a textbook.  Interesting newspaper articles and content from websites and he also recommends good podcasts too ;)"

sam spanish student
Sam Jambrović Iowa City, IA - Writer and Graduate Student

"I began lessons with José Miguel for a very specific purpose: to prepare for the DELE exam, level C2. Since the test is over five hours long, costs a substantial amount of money, and is only offered twice per year, I knew I needed to study with someone who had the knowledge and expertise to make the investment worthwhile.

José Miguel and I focused on the writing and speaking components, and he gave me detailed feedback on both my essays and oral presentations. He would even record our lessons so that we could review my presentations together and discuss where I could make improvements. In short, José Miguel was exactly what I was looking for in a Spanish teacher, and I do not think I would have been able to pass the exam without the help of our meetings.

I liked my lessons with José Miguel because they were interactive and designed around my specific needs. Moreover, he had the linguistic knowledge to not only identify all of my errors but also explain why they were errors, which is something not all foreign language teachers can do."
won spanish student
Won L. San Francisco, CA - Director of Data Analytics

"José has an enormous capacity to accelerate the speed at which you learn your Spanish. His teaching methodology is meticulous.Especially for me who has the tendency to go fast with frequent mistakes in grammar and pronunciation, his attention to details has allowed me to correct those frequently neglected mistakes and see them with a fresh look.

He is a patient and good listener. He does correct my mistakes usually after I finish my sentences so as not to interrupt the flow of my thoughts. Along the courses, he accumulates my weak points and helps me with the ways to reduce them with great insights and tools in the following classes.

I am a staunch believer that good students will make good teachers even more great. Your active participation in the class, your awareness of where to focus on your learning areas, and putting those areas of special attention in the curriculum in a collaborative way with Jose will yield the best outcome out of your time and energy. 

Spanish is a beautiful language. Spending time with Jose in learning Spanish is one of the most pleasurable mundane activities. I recommend Jose with highest enthusiasm for someone who wishes to reduce mistakes and increase eloquence in Spanish."

daniel learn spanish best teacher tutor
Daniel Davis-Williams Los Ángeles, CA - Writer and English teacher

"My lessons with José have taught me to express myself in Spanish with greater accuracy and richness. One year of study with José has taught me more about Spanish culture and grammar than two years of study on my own. And, above all, José's lessons have helped me develop a new confidence in and deeper understanding of Spanish.

José's lessons are the perfect balance of conversational practice and grammatical correction."

bouke learn spanish best teacher tutor
Bouke Kneepkens Amsterdam, Netherlands - Cook and Rock Climber

"Due to José's classes, I feel a lot more comfortable expressing myself in Spanish. José makes sure I stick to my learning goals and keep a regular cadence. I enjoy doing my homework because the articles and podcasts José sends me always match my interests.

José is helping me crossing the bridge from wanting to talk Spanish to actually doing it."

woman learn spanish best tutor teacher
Sarah M. New York, NY - School teacher

"Even though I have only been studying with José for a few months, I can already see a remarkable difference in my level of Spanish.  I have learned a great deal of vocabulary and expressions, and feel much more confident having conversations in Spanish than I did a few months ago.  José is organized, patient, and able to clearly explain the nuances of Spanish grammar.

José Miguel's lessons are really interesting and effective!"

Michael F. Minneapolis, MA - IOS developer

"José's way of teaching is professional, engaging, and customized for my needs.

His Spanish lessons have allowed me to grow my Spanish skills in terms of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. I am now able to comprehend more than when I started. I enjoy the variety of exercises that we do and I appreciate the one-on-one lessons which allow more focus on my needs and allow José to customize the classes for accelerated growth."

woman learn spanish best tutor teacher
Mia (Yingjie Zhao) Shanghai, China - Emergent Acquisition Investment Analyst

"I have experienced about 6 classes, but I would like to say that I will definitely keep learning online with José.

Each of his lessons includes daily conversation and content for DELE examination (my own personal goal).

It is quite interesting that I can get timely feedback when I use the wrong word or tense. My greatest accomplishment is that now I'm not afraid to talk to the native speaker!

I like my lessons with José Miguel because they are motivating and they are fun!"