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Hi, I'm José Montoro

I'm a native Spanish speaker and an experienced teacher. I have given Spanish classes all over the world in a new, engaging and custom style for more than 6 years. Now I'm finally offering in-person Spanish lessons in San Francisco and the Bay Area!

HelloSpanish was born when I was asked by students to help them overcome their recurring problems with the Spanish language in a custom, professional and motivating way.

I'll be your personal Spanish teacher. We'll have private Spanish lessons at your preferred frequency and work together with custom materials and an individual learning plan for your specific needs with the Spanish language. Individual and group classes available! You can also have online classes on Skype.

Prices vary according to location and frequency. Contact me get your individual quote. 

Ready to start? Send me an email or give me a call!

5 Reasons to Take Spanish Lessons in San Francisco

1. You'll understand all the exotic names of nearby locations

Ever knew that "Palo Alto" means "High Tree"? Or that "El Camino Real" means "The Royal Path"? I bet you knew "Los Gatos" means "The Cats", but did you know "Mariposa" means "Butterfly", "Pacifica" means "Peaceful", and "Milpitas" means "Little Corn Plantations"? Fun, huh! Plus, California is full of native speakers like me to practice with.

2. Your trip to Mexico City, Madrid, Buenos Aires or anywhere else in Latin America will be much more enjoyable

Traveling abroad is a marvelous experience. And the Spanish-speaking countries are full of flavor and magic: The warm and colors of Mexico; the vibrant street life in Colombia; the delightful sights and food experiences in Spain; the romantic atmosphere of Argentina...

But, if you don't speak the language and culture, you're missing half the story.

You don't have to become conversational to enjoy your trip. But, as one of my previous students put it, "your trip becomes more authentic and you stop feeling disrespectful of the people and the places you're visiting".

3. You'll be able to help your kids (or your parents, if you're a kid) with their Spanish lessons

If you have kids living in the Bay Area, surely they'll have foreign language classes in middle-school or high-school. And, if you have never taken Spanish lessons, you'll be able to help them in all the other subjects but this one. How are you going to feel when you have to ask them to translate a sign in Spanish for you? Don't let the high school students take the advantage!

4. You'll restart studying Spanish as an adult and with a personal instructor

All my students in the Bay Area learned some Spanish during high-school or took group lessons at some point (it makes sense in California). If you also did, you have already a base to improve upon, and you'll pick up everything faster than you think. You'll be surprised of how memories stuck to your child's brain!

And you'll discover how different language learning is with your own personal, private Spanish teacher. An instructor that guides you through your learning process is like a personal trainer that makes being fit much faster and more efficient!

5. You'll do business with Spanish speakers

Business Spanish and Spanish for professional needs are two options to consider in today's world. If you live in San Francisco or the Bay Area, chances are you work in technology. The reach of your company is most likely global. I'm sure you have Spanish-speaking customers, clients or partners. Learning Spanish is a way to demonstrate that you are connected to them, regardless your current level in Spanish. You'll understand them and their culture better, and they'll appreciate your efforts and feel more open to you.

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