Friday Spanish Updates with José Miguel – July 29

Hi! Friday, finally!

Did you practice your Spanish this week? Congratulations!

These are the weekly Spanish updates from José Miguel.

Topic of the week:

Reading: One of the best ways of learning Spanish. If you want to practice while learning something from the world and other people’s ideas, you can always read in Spanish. But, where to start? I created this guide for you.

Practice Spanish Reading – Best Resources for Reading (Begginer, Intermediate, Advanced)

Student of the week:

Damion, a doctor in New York. Listen to his story!

Song of the week:

Limón y Sal, Julieta Venegas. We Spanish teachers always recommend this one, but it’s for a reason! It’s sticky and easy to understand.

New Instagram @hellospanish

Daily Spanish word. And remember, you can practice in the comments.

Question of the week:

What’s your favourite book? In any language. Mine is probably “Rayuela”, by Julio Cortázar.

See you next week! Enjoy your weekend.

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