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Welcome to the Spanish Beginner's Course! By your teacher José Miguel Montoro.



You can get an easy but deep introduction to Spanish if you're new to the language. Or just consolidate the basic knowledge you have already. Following the course step-by-step you can quickly gain an understanding of the most crucial grammar topics. After going through these 8 topics, you'll be correctly using all of them. From beginner to intermediate understanding of the language in only some hours of study!

Don't lie to yourself, there's a lot of painful grammar you NEED to know if you want to be able to communicate in a foreign language. With this course, you'll be able to effortlessly jump forward in half the time you'd usually need for it.

I've chosen the 8 most important topics for having a meaningful conversation, even in the first levels. If you just want to order a coffee, make a reservation, ask for directions, and you want to be understood and correct, some grammar knowledge is needed.

speak spanishThe goods news are: this is the minimum required amount. No extra rules that are used only once in a blue moon by native, but the real day-to-day language that will get you what you need. I worked on keeping it as simple as possible for you to work your way through a Spanish conversation.


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