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A new Spanish Course designed around one of the best, un-tapped tools for learning the language…

But first, are you really getting enough Spanish practice?

If you’re living in the United States, or another English-speaking country, chances are you’re not practicing your Spanish on a daily basis.

How many times this week did you get to practice your Spanish with a native speaker (not your teacher :)?

How many times this month did you go beyond basic conversational topics to explore new vocabulary or express your real thoughts and feelings about something you’re actually interested in?

Even though you may be “surrounded” by Spanish words and speakers in your daily life, actually having a conversation — especially an interesting one — can be a challenge.

Why? Because it’s hard to break the ice.

We’re missing out on opportunities to practice and improve our Spanish, and talk about interesting subjects that give us a glimpse into the culture of the Spanish-speaking world….

The way to get closer to Spanish — and learn about culture

The best way to improve your Spanish — and learn about Spanish-speaking culture — is to have a good solid conversation about it. Better yet, a conversation that covers different subjects and new vocabulary that you might not have heard your teacher use. 

Best of all, a conversation between two native speakers.

spanish podcastPodcasts: A learning tool within easy reach

Yes, there are Spanish podcasts, and with a little structure, they’re great for learning Spanish.

Spanish podcasts offer you the chance to:

  • Listen to Spanish between native speakers, not Spanish designed for a learner. (“Real” Spanish, not classroom Spanish)
  • Participate in a real Spanish linguistic exchange with applicable content.
  • Learn about Spanish cultures that we may not see in our daily interactions.

The best podcast for learning…

Ok, there are a lot of podcasts out there, and you can’t always trust the star ratings.

So, I’ve done the work for you. I’ve picked out the number one best and most interesting podcast for Spanish learners after many hours of listening and studying.

In this Cultural Spanish Podcast Course, you’ll listen to and learn from 4 real life interviews of fascinating native Spanish speakers. You’ll have the chance to see the world through their eyes, and pick up the real language they use to tell their stories.

The Cultural Spanish Podcast Course is based on an award-winning podcast called Radio Ambulante.

castie radio ambulante

Radio Ambulante won a Castie (Quartz’s podcast award)

Why Radio Ambulante?

  1. Quality. Radio Ambulate wins awards for high-quality content that’s informative (not gossipy) and touches on global cultural matters.
  2. Topics. Topics are current, international, and keep you up to speed.
  3. Language. You can take this language to a business meeting or an educated conversation with people you want to impress. It sounds good, but it’s but still real and popular. 
  4. Stories. I’ve hand-picked the best stories for Spanish learning out of dozens of episodes. These stories combine learning opportunities with great content. You won’t be bored!
  5. Length. Timing is perfect for listening to the entire episodes at once (<15 mins)

How will this course change your Spanish?

Culture and language are interrelated. In fact, you can’t learn one without an understanding of the other. The Cultural Spanish Podcast Course teaches you Spanish language by way of Spanish culture. You’ll see a difference the very next time you speak Spanish, or go to class. 

You’ll also be immersed in “real life” Spanish, including authentic native expressions and sentence structure.

The course includes step by step guidance to make sure you understand everything while building your vocab and fluency.

Great stories, authentic native Spanish, and up to date cultural lessons? Try the Cultural Spanish Podcast Course! 

  • Introducción

    Bienvenido a Cultural Spanish Podcast

  • La Palabra Prohibida

    ¿Qué palabra no puede decir un emigrante argentino en USA?

  • Cambios en el Barrio

    El Castro de San Francisco a través de los ojos de una niña emigrante colombiana

  • Miedo

    ¿Qué es el miedo para un niño colombiano vs un niño de Inglaterra?

  • Miss

    ¿Qué significa para las jóvenes dominicanas recuperar su cabello rizado?

  • Evaluación Final

    La última parte del curso. Pensamientos generales, sesión en Skype y despedida


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