7 everyday expressions you’ll fail to translate into Spanish

How’s your Spanish going? Getting better? Feeling more able to understand texts and even people in real life? Great! I’m sure you can speak about most day-to-day topics in a relaxed environment. But what happens when you try to “play it cool”? Well, you’ll probably find native Spanish speakers make a weird face when you try to directly translate your everyday English expressions. I agree, […]

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Indefinidos – Do you have ANY idea of how they work?

How do we use alguno, ninguno, alguien, algo, nadie, nada…? Indefinite Pronouns can be tricky. Especially when you try to translate them. Some = Algunos Any = Ningunos  Some? = ¿Algunos? > Why? It gets harder when you also want to use Somebody, Something = Alguien, Algo Anybody, Anything = Nadie, Nada …Anybody, Anything? = …Alguien, Algo?   Here you can find an explanation of […]

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16 Hispanic Dishes That Aren’t From Where You Think

And what you usually get in a Mexican / Spanish / Argentinian / Peruvian / Colombian restaurant is usually a mix of all those cuisines in the same place.

Where is the food I am eating from?

Let me tell you: tacos are not Spanish. Paella is not Latin American. And burritos, well, they just don’t exist outside the US.

Seriously? Yeah. And wait, there’s more.

But don’t worry, let’s make it clear so next time you can impress your friends at the restaurant. Your preferred Spanish teacher to the rescue!

Which are Mexican Dishes?

  1. Tacos: Yes, they are quintessentially Mexican. But probably the tacos you know aren’t the same ones that the ones actually served in Mexico. This is how they really look like:tacos
  2. Flautas: I’ve heard you call them “taquitos”. Well, they’re a different thing, because they are fried, they don’t have any sauce or extra ingredients inside, and they’re so slim!flautas
  3. Mole poblano: This is a delicious combination of chile, chocolate and spices that is hard to find outside Mexico. But, if you’re there, you can’t miss it!

    mole poblano

    Mole Madre (This is actually a modern version from a Mexican Chef, discovered in “Chef’s Table” Netflix series – linked image)

  4. Guacamole: It’s Mexican, but again, a different (and of course spicier) than the avocado sauce you’re used to.


    This video is so cool (link image)

  5. Burritos: Not a Mexican dish at all!

Which are Spanish Dishes?

  1. Paella: The most known Spanish dish. A mix of rice, spices, and your choice of protein. But we have many different ways of making paella. Do you know “arroz negro”? (blackened because of squid ink!)paella
  2. Tortilla de patatas: (not to be mistaken with Mexican corn tortillas). The signature dish of every Spaniard outside the country (it’s deceivingly easy to prepare.tortilla patatas
  3. Gazpacho: A cold tomato soup, perfect for the extremely hot summer in Southern Spain. You can drink it or have it with a spoon (the thicker version is called “Salmorejo”).gazpacho
  4. Patatas bravas: To be honest, it’s not a highly sophisticated recipe, just fried medium-sized  potato chunks. But the sauce it’s spicy and exciting and they’re so fun to eat with a “caña” (small draft beer)patatas bravas

Which are Argentinian dishes?

  1. Dulce de leche: Sold everywhere, it’s a delicious and very sweet paste made from sweetened milk cooked for a long time. Perfect from the jar to your mouthdulce de leche
  2. Chimichurri: I love this sauce, it’s perfect for barbecue, and pretty with the green color from its parsley, cilantro and oregano. Tasty!chimichurri
  3. Mate: This drink is everywhere in Argentinian’s lives. They have a very specific routine for having it, similar to the “tea time” of the British. A special day-to-day moment to share with a native speaker using your new acquired Spanish skills.mate

Which are Peruvian dishes?

  1. Ceviche: A delicious combination of marinated fish and seafood that is prepared differently in each home. Yes, it’s Peruvian!ceviche
  2. Pisco sour: A very special combination of Pisco, the Peruvian national drink made from “pisco” grapes, and lime. There’s an ongoing debate about whether pisco comes originally from Perú or Chile (where Pisco Sour is extremely popular as well).

    pisco sour

    Enjoy a sip of Pisco Sour in front of Cuzco Cathedral

  3. Ají de gallina: A dish where the protagonist is ají amarillo, a delicious Peruvian chile, and anything else.aji gallina

Which are Colombian dishes?

  1. Arepas: The onmipresent “bread” made of corn dough, fried, and eaten with sweet or sour filling (or none). Enjoy!arepas
  2. Bandeja paisa: A combination of everything that you can find in Latin America.bandeja paisa

What else have you tried?

There are so many dishes to try and so many flavors to taste that many of them will inevitably remain unlisted.

But, at least, next time you go to a Spanish-speaking restaurant, you’ll know where the cook is from 😉


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