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5 Best Spanish TV Shows on Netflix USA 2017 to Learn Spanish

Do you prefer watching TV series, or movies? 

If you are part of the second group, don’t worry, we got you covered – here’s a list of 5 great Spanish movies you can watch on Netflix USA.

But what if you prefer the tension and thrill of having to wait every week to see what happens next on your favorite show?

Then, keep on reading!

tv shows netflix spanish

Turn your Spanish up with TV Shows

Can I learn Spanish just by watching TV shows?

Well, if you spend enough hours watching them, you might do. I mean, MANY hours. Like a thousand hours. But if you want to accelerate your learning Spanish, you can – just talk to somebody that can guide you during the journey.

The good thing about TV shows is that they’ll hook you. You’ll want to go back every day to them, and doing so, you’ll be going back to Spanish. Thanks, Spanish learning, for providing shameless Netflix binge-watching!

Learning Spanish by watching Netflix shows – does it work?

Can you guess what’s the number 1 advantage of watching series? That’s right – listening skills. Watching European or Latin American native Spanish speakers for hours will train your ear to the sounds of the language, and almost unnoticeably, you’ll find yourself more used to Spanish than you thought.

Usually, TV shows and movies are recommended for intermediate levels. But anyone can enjoy them, and even if you don’t understand 100% of it, you’ll become little by little familiar to the sound of Spanish language and culture. Language learning can be fun!

How to choose the best Spanish TV shows

TV shows are on the rise all over the world. Producers like HBO are changing the shape of the industry. In Netflix, you’ll find quite a lot of options.

Spanish TV is getting better and better! Here we’ve chosen the best ones for you, so you can avoid the Google search and go directly to the joyful learning.

Spanish or English subtitles?

My advice here is: go for Spanish, try it out, but if you can’t really understand what’s going on with Spanish subtitles, change to English subtitles but keep the original Spanish-language voices at all times. It’s not the ideal way of learning a foreign language, but at least you get used to it and you can hear and understand the most common expressions and words.


You can watch them, at your own risk. But I’m not a big fan of them, and I won’t recommend anything that is not good quality by itself. So, I skipped all the soap operas from Netflix, and went directly to the new, high-quality modern television that is blooming in Spain and Latin America.

Here are the 5 best TV shows in Spanish that you can watch on Netflix America

1. Club de Cuervos

A Netflix Original Show, Club the Cuervos tells the story of an imaginary, but vividly credible, soccer team (equipo de fútbol), whose president dies. His son and his daughter are in a constant war, and when Chava, the son, proclaims himself president of the club, the action (and fun) is served. A thrilling, fast and modern story that pictures the life of the “rich kids” in Mexico.

 2. Velvet

A TV show about haute couture, the story of two kids in love that meet again after 7 years, and social differences in the Spain of the 50’s and 60’s. Alberto, the heir of the “Velvet Gallery”, returns to Madrid after 7 years in London. Ana, who works as a seamstress there, was his childhood love, and they’ll meet again in the context of “Galerías Velvet”‘s business crisis.

3. Celia

An exciting surprise from Cuba, “Celia” is a bio-pic about the life of “The Queen of Salsa”, Celia Cruz. She is the most recognizable face of salsa, but her origins weren’t easy. In a time when salsa was only for white men, a black woman had to walk a long way to achieve her dream of being a salsa singer.

4. Ingobernable

Another Netflix Original Series. Ingobernable tells the story of the “Primera Dama”, the First Lady of Mexico, and how she decides to divorce her husband, the President of the country, and the political consequences of that act. After the President’s apparent dead, she’ll be involved in a game of lies and power. A political drama with a powerful idea behind.

5. El tiempo entre costuras (The time in between)

Another story from Spain. From a best-selling book with the same name, this is a drama between clothes. The story is based in 1934, when Sira, the protagonist, works as a seamstress until two men appear: an attractive salesman and the father she never knew. After that, we’ll follow her through the most important events of the 20th Century.

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