About Me

jose about me

I am a Spanish guy who wants to spread the (Spanish) word all over the world.

I lived in Spain and in Latin America previously, so I know first-hand different varieties of this global language.

Now I'm in San Francisco, CA, where Spanish has deep roots as well (just look at the name of the streets!).

I'm working mostly with professionals with little time that want to have efficient lessons, convenient and to the point.

Prior to living in the US, I was working with different schools in Spain and Mexico, giving face-to-face Spanish classes (mainly in a business environment).

I am also a former DELE examiner – I was one of the teachers in charge grading Spanish applicants in this international test.

My education is in Linguistics and Spanish Language, including studies in some beautiful Spanish literature masterpieces. I received formal Language Teaching training as well.

I’m a big fan of neverending learning and innovation. Stay tuned for more updates!

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