Do you want to cross the bridge from wanting to talk Spanish to actually doing it?
Do you feel disrespectful when visiting a Spanish speaking country?
Do you want to learn the Spanish that is pertinent for your life today?

Meet your Spanish Instructor

Jose Montoro spanish

Hi, I'm José Montoro

I teach Spanish to individuals all over the world in a new, engaging and custom style.

Hello Spanish was born when I was asked by students to help them overcome their recurring problems with the language in a custom, professional and motivating way.

I'll be your personal teacher! We'll meet every week on videoconference, at your preferred frequency. We'll work together with custom materials and an individual learning plan towards your Spanish goals.

Any questions? Look for more answers on our FAQs. You can also contact me personally!

Students' Testimonials

What HelloSpanish students are saying about their lessons

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"Learning Spanish with José has been my best language learning experience ever.  He has the significant advantage over other instructors of being fully immersed in an English-speaking culture. I always leave feeling confident that I'm making progress."

"I love to travel and always felt disrespectful speaking English whenever visiting a Spanish-speaking country. I have a way to go to become conversational, but the past year of my lessons with José Miguel has given me the confidence to attempt to speak back. I know I'm on the right path with José Miguel."

"After one year of study with José I can express myself in Spanish with greater accuracy and richness. I've learned more about Spanish culture and grammar than in two years of study on my own. Above all, José's lessons have helped me develop a new confidence to communicate in Spanish."

What you Get with HelloSpanish

Grow your Confidence
Develop a new confidence in and deeper understanding of Spanish
Peace of Mind
Lose your fear to talk to native speakers
Real Progress
See a remarkable and addressable difference in your level of Spanish
An excellent use of your time
With our fun, motivating, interesting and effective Spanish training
We use a selection of real and engaging materials that always match your interests
The lessons are completely individualized to fit your level and your needs
You'll learn from a professional native Spanish teacher and linguist
Our lessons are the perfect balance of conversational practice and grammatical correction
Affordable and on-request coaching according to your needs